An Honest Conversation

So, you want to be an entrepreneur, do you? That’s probably how you have arrived at our site, looking for answers to many questions that you may have. Becoming an expert online is no easy task and very few succeed. These are the cold hard facts. In fact the numbers are probably lower than what you think when it comes to new people trying to start a business each day.

For those that have other commitments, such as a full time job, the success rate is even lower. You see, late nights, devotion, sacrifice of activities, etc., are all necessary in order to succeed in this business.

Sure, there are some that struck gold and made a lot of money with little effort, but for the most part it takes a lot of time to succeed. For example, I was part of an ecom course, called the “Ecom Success Academy” where on a webinar there was a student who talked about her success. She talked about how she “only” started making money on her 5th product, the others were a bust. Meanwhile, other members have launched over 60 campaigns – that’s 60 products with little or no success.

So if we are going to talk ecom here for a second, you can see that the first person found success just after 5 products. And remember, this is drop-shipping, she did not create these products, they are all bought on Ali-Express for the most part.

So what is it that creates wealth quick for some and takes a lot of time for others? A lot of it has to do with luck I am afraid. For example, if you choose 100 products and do one campaign for each, that’s 100 campaigns, you might have a winner somewhere in that bunch but you will randomly choose which ones to start off with. If you’re lucky, the winner will come soon.

Some of it does depend on research though and seeing trends. Once you are in business this should come naturally so building on the next campaign should technically be easier.